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                                                                                                                                                    Photo by Gilles Aulliard


1916 (R) Sopwith Pup  -- Flying

1917 (R) Rumpler C.V-- Flying

1918 Curtiss JN4D "Jenny" -- Flying

1918 (R) Fokker Dr I Triplane -- Flying

1918 (R) SPAD XIII -- Under Construction, On Display

1919 (R) Sperry Messenger -- Awaiting Restoration -- On Display

1924 (R) Dormoy Bathtub Racer -- Awaiting Restoration, On Display

1926 Winstead Special -- Flying

1926 Heath Parasol -- Awaiting Restoration

1927 Travel Air 2000 -- Awaiting Restoration, In Storage

1927 Curtiss Fledgling -- Fuselage Only

1928 Franklin Sport model A -- Awaiting Restoration, On Display

1928 Monocoupe 70 -- Flying

1929 WACO GXE -- Flying

1929 Swallow TP -- Awaiting Restoration, On Display

1929 Cessna AW -- Awaiting Restoration, On Display

1929 Star Cavalier Model B -- Awaiting Restoration, In Storage

1930 Star Cavalier Model E -- Awaiting Restoration, On Display

1930 (R) Great Lakes Sport Trainer -- Flying

1930 Fleet 7 -- Flying

1930 Allison Sport Plane -- Awaiting Restoration, On Display

1931 Bird CK -- Flying

1932 Pietenpol Air Camper -- Flying

1932 Taylor E-2 Cub -- Flying

1936 Aeronca C-3 Master -- Flying

1937 Taylor-Young Model A -- Awaiting Restoration, On Display

1937 Fairchild 24R -- Awaiting Restoration

1941 Culver Cadet -- Flying

1946 Taylorcraft BC-12D -- Under Restoration

1947 Stampe SV4 -- Awaiting Restoration

1949 Cessna 195 -- Flying

1970 Breezy -- Flying

1971 Great Lakes Trainer -- Flying

1990 Christen Eagle -- Flying

1999 Der Jager -- On Display

WWII " Link" Pilot Instrument Trainer -- On Display


1927 Ford Model TT Truck "Henry" -- On Display

1923 Studebaker Light Six Touring Car -- On Display

1930 Ford Model A Roadster -- On Display

1932 Chevrolet Sedan  -- On Display 

1977 MGB -- On Display


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In Search Of

The Museum is actively seeking antique aircraft, engines, and automobiles of all types. Specific needs are an 80 LeRhone rotary engine and parts, Curtiss OX-5 engine parts, DeHavilland Gipsy Major parts, Velie M5 engine and parts. The museum is also seeking monetary donations, display memorabilia, airplane models, and display cases.

Your donations and assistance are greatly appreciated!



Grimes Airfield , 371 Airport Road, Bethel, PA 19507
Telephone: (717) 933-9566
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